The Team


William Kenosha

Holder of four patents and one patent pending, Will knows how to create products that people want to own, and he successfully brings them to market. A guerrilla business tactician, he gets bang for his buck, while managing a minimal burn rate of his working capital.


Wess Fallon

Focusing on customer satisfaction and profits, Product Designer/Developer Wess Fallon has created

a vast and impressive array of product designs; both systems and components. He creates 3D models, complex assemblies, and working mechanisms. Many of his designs incorporate electronics, circuit boards, wiring, or embedded processors. He has gotten numerous products to market within existing windows of opportunity.


Sally Olson

Sally has vast experience matching demands with resources, be they marketing strategy, customer relationships, Vendor tracking and management. Sally has been involved in 3 successful company start-ups, one of which went on to reach over 100 million dollars sales